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Post  esbreon on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:15 am

IGN - Esbreon
Account created when (MM/DD/YY) - 1/20/2012
What staff spot are you applying for - Moderator to whatever
Skype? - Esb Esbreon
Who referred you to apply (Optional) -
Hours online per day -
Monday: 12am-2am
Tuesday: 12am-2am
Wednesday: 4pm-1 or 2am
Thursday: 4pm- 1 or 2am
Friday: (If I am flexing ((day off from work)): Anytime to 2am)
(If not flexing: 10:30pm-2-3 or 4am)
Saturday: Anytimt to 2-3am
Sunday: 4pm-6:00pm and 12am-3am.

Have you donated (Won't effect answer) - Nope
Who would vouch for you being in your position of power - Nobody
Real life name - Wes

Why should you be a staff member of LogicalRSPS;

1) I am very helpful, friendly, and would want to help out the community out.
2)Very active and responsible/mature player
3)Have staff knowledge for 2 years


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