Updates 12/30/12 -1/3/12

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Updates 12/30/12 -1/3/12

Post  Brandon on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:50 am

Alright, so this has been a big step for us because of the coming of the new year. And since you guys know, the server is beta. Which I should of never said 100% uptime, because things like this happen. We've come across errors in the coding, and game breaking glitches. So I spent 5 days fixing the server. Well this is a lie, I partied for 2 of those days. But I still fixed the server.

Now let me explain what I fixed.

- Fixed trading duplication glitch.
- Fixed queen black dragon glitch.
- Fixed shops disappearing.
- Fixed random shut down method.
- Fixed shops.
- Fixed jad randomly kicking you out.
- Added more hits to PvP armour and weapons degrading.
- Added support for torva degrading. ( Not sure if i'm going to activate it)
- Added support for all items degrading. (Economy support)
- Minor bugs fixed.
- Changed back up timer to everyday at Midnight.

Client sided:

Before I explain what I added, no you won't have to download a new client, the patches will be downloaded automatically when you start the client.

- Fixed random crashing. (Reported from Shucker)
- Changed IP Address used for connecting.
- Changed random start up errors.
- Added custom item supports.

We should be up all the time. But I won't promise anything. Also we won't be advertising hardcore anymore. I don't want us to expand in beta versions.

- LogicalRSPS staff team.


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