Minor server changes [12.31.12]

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Minor server changes [12.31.12]

Post  Brandon on Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:01 pm

There were some minor server updates I did today.

- Changed server restart. (Details about this listed below.)
- Added vote option, www.logicalvote.tk (Do this ever 12 hours to help server grow)

Okay, So today it was brought to my attention that if the server restarts too many times in 24 hours that it will crash and fail to restart. I have fixed this, it will now restart ever 9-12 hours. I'll restart all of the CMD's every day when I wake up. This crash was caused because of to many open CMD's at one time, and it failed to detect which one needed turned off. Sadly this caused downtime and caused our moparscape post to drop below 100%. I will think of a way and create a new post.

I have learned from this error on my part, and hope to have 100% uptime from now on. Sorry for this!

- LogicalRSPS staff.


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